About Us

Lake Oswego Youth Traveling Basketball (LOYTBA) was formed in 1994 in an effort to provide a competitive basketball program for boys and girls in grades 4th - 8th feeding into Lakeridge and Lake Oswego High Schools. LOYTBA Articles of Incorporation and ByLaws, rev. 1998

LOYTBA established the Three Rivers Youth Basketball League (TRL) to provide a competitive opportunity for LOYTBA players.  Today, over 23 leagues and 200 teams participate in TRL. LOYTBA Board Members still operate the TRL.  

LOYTBA is run completely by volunteers. All funds raised by LOYTBA are donated back to the program and support Lakeridge and Lake Oswego High School basketball programs.  Funds are also used to support paid coaches for upper grade teams and provide scholarships for families in need.

TRL youth basketball teams are organized by high school area.   Players participate in the area which they reside as each youth league is considered an extension of the high school program. Players play within their grade.

The Lakeridge Youth Basketball club is a part of LOYTBA and board members are listed below.